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Online Reputation Management

As the Internet community becomes increasingly vocal, corporations and even smaller businesses are sometimes slandered to the extent that their reputations get damaged.

Every company has the potential to become a target of negative publicity. We specialize in salvaging companies' reputations online by counteracting the adversity and replacing it with acceptable, desired, and positive attention.

Search Engine Reputation Management

One of the main areas of discontent among companies who hire us for reputation management is that when people search for the company itself or, a specific product or service that the company sells, other websites denouncing them appear next to them. In many cases, this can completely destroy a firm, one lost sale at a time. Our specialty is getting the websites in question out of the top of the searches.

"Snippets" are the few lines of text with a link to your website that describe what web surfers will see if they click on the link. They appear on the search engine results pages. Consumers have shorter attention spans than ever before and just a few snippets can detract people from being in a state where they are ready to buy from you, to purchasing from your competitor.

Easy Solutions & Quick Fixes

Actually, there are rarely quick fixes. In a couple of cases we were able to get the offending websites to remove the negative content within a few days. In most cases, it could take months to generate a realistic sense of trust among consumers online.

If your company did something specific to generate the bad publicity then it has to correct what it did. For example, if it sold defective merchandise, those products must be fixed. That will be one of the most important factors involved in changing your company's public image. Only then can we move forward with a plan of action.

Internet reputation management can only be effective if your company has corrected the problem. In some cases, your company's reputation will be tarnished by hearsay and rumors. We work with companies in that situation as well.

The Process

Typically, we begin with an examination of your current situation, followed by a recommended course of action. We confirm the strategy with your company and then move forward.

The overall plan will be to create trusted, positive buzz about your company which, in time, replaces the offending websites. The goal is to get your website and authoritative websites which talk about your company's products and services to appear at the top of the search engines. As the Internet community becomes more interactive and social media becomes an increasingly dominant force, these will come into play as well.

The Bright Side

While we are typically contacted for reputation management on the basis of a negative occurence, we can also consult with you and implement plans regarding increasing your positive publicity online, even if you are not in a poor situation.

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